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University Health Plan

Saint Louis University requires all full-time undergraduate and graduate/professional students to have basic health insurance. The plan offered by SLU is known as the University Health Plan (UHP), and is administered by Aetna. All full-time students on campus must enroll in or waive out of the UHP each academic year.

You can find more detailed information about the University Health Plan, policy information, medical and prescription drug benefit summaries, provider directories, and policies on the University Health Plan pages or at Aetna Student Health. You can also call Aetna Customer Service at 1-877-381-3544.

The Student Health Center uses SLUCare physicians, which is the local network of physicians affiliated with Saint Louis University. The UHP does cover the services at Student Health. If you are waiving UHP, make sure your insurance covers the SLUCare network for convenient access to health care while you are on campus. 

Instructions to Waive or Enroll Through Aetna Online

If you have difficulty waiving or enrolling in the University Health Plan online, call Aetna Customer Service at 1-877-381-3544.

You must be registered in classes as a full-time student for Aetna's system to recognize you. Allow two business days from registering full time to attempt to waive or enroll. Make sure to use your full nine digit Banner ID (including zeros) when using Aetna's site.

International students, reference this short presentation that includes instructions and screenshots of Aetna's site with information specifically tailored to your needs and concerns.

Waiving UHP Coverage

If you already have other (non-University Health Plan) health insurance coverage in effect, then you may submit a waiver request online through Aetna Student Health. You must have your insurance information available when you submit requests, as you will be asked detailed information about your existing coverage.

The deadline to waive or enroll in the UHP is September 30 for the fall term or February 14 for the spring term. Any full-time students who have not waived by the deadline will be automatically enrolled in the UHP.  No changes can be made outside of open enrollment, and no waiver requests will be accepted by Aetna after the deadline.  

If you waive in the fall term, you will not need to waive again for the spring. You only need to waive once per academic year.

Additional Coverage and Exceptions

  • Though it is not required, you may remain on the plan through the summer if you are full time in the spring and will be again in the fall.
  • Part-time undergraduate and graduate/professional students are strongly encouraged to have health insurance coverage, but it is not required. Visit Aetna Student Health for a list of eligible groups or call 314-977-7168 to find out if you are eligible to voluntarily enroll in the University Health Plan.
  • Students who have been awarded graduate assistantships that include support for UHP enrollment will also enroll online through Aetna Student Health. See a list of answers to frequently asked questions relating to the enrollment or waiver process for graduate assistants.