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Welcome to A Time for God, the Saint Louis University Prayerbook. If you are a first time visitor you may wish to learn more about the prayerbook. We encourage you to find a prayer for your reflection and to submit your own.
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The Saint Louis University Prayer Book webpage acts as a resource by which the University community can grow in its prayer life and spirituality and share more deeply in our Ignatian tradition. It provides a searchable database of prayers that SLU community members can use in their daily lives. It also serves as a vehicle for students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the University to submit prayers, whether it is a favorite traditional one or an original work to share with others.

So whether you are looking for a prayer to begin a meeting, need a prayer for a particular situation you are facing, submitting a prayer that has special meaning to you, or just exploring the possibilities of how you can nurture your prayer life, we welcome you to the Saint Louis University Prayer Book!


The Saint Louis University Prayer Book Committee


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