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The End of the School Year

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O God of all beginnings and endings,
we praise and thank you for the gift of this school year.
It has been a time filled with grace and blessings,
with challenges and opportunities, joys and sorrows.

The days have passed quickly, O Lord.
The weeks, the months, the seasons, and holidays,
the exams, vacations, and breaks
have all come from your hand.

We pray that our efforts this past year,
will bear fruit according to Your will,
and we ask for your continued blessings on
Saint Louis University.


Kathleen Brady
VP Facilities Management and Civic Affairs

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Lord, help us make the world better,
Help us do it today.
Let’s all work together to find the best way.

To give social justice its rightful high place,
And to strive to support each person and race.

To teach one another the things we should know,
And to search for your guidance in the ways we should go.

To all work in harmony, one for another,
Whether Christian or Muslim, Judaic or other.

To make this world righteous, a place we can stay.
To live for each other in your chosen way.

We pray this can happen.  We pray for today.

Philip O. Alderson, M.D.

Dean School of Medicine

VP Health Sciences

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Prayer for Executive Staff Meeting

Good and gracious God, shine your light on the most gifted areas of our lives.

Give us understanding of how to utilize our gifts effectively so we may fulfill our calling and our destinies.

With joy and satisfaction, allow us to be helpers of humanity, exuding kindness, love and humility to lift up and improve the lives of others, for the betterment of all your people.

Lord, we ask you to release in each of us your creative spirit.

We ask for open minds and open hearts, that we might be clever and inventive in identifying solutions to complex problems in our world.

We ask for your wisdom and for the perseverance necessary to develop significant, life changing ideas.

Release all the creativity you have placed within us, enabling us to draw others near as we endeavor to live together, at this time, on this Earth, in solidarity.

We give thanks for the many blessings we receive from you, and especially for the gift of companionship, that we do not have to make our journeys alone.

We offer this prayer in your name.


Kent Porterfield

VP of Student Development

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Prayer for a Saint Louis University Meeting

Gracious God,

Bless us as we meet to discuss the business of Saint Louis University;

Bless our schools, colleges, and programs,
that they may be lively centers for sound learning,
new discovery, and the pursuit of wisdom;

Bless our students so they may approach learning
with open minds, open hearts, and an innovative spirit;

Bless all those who teach, research and learn with the sight to find you to be the source of all truth;

Bless our caregivers so that they may serve the sick and ailing with dignity and respect;

Bless us as administrators so that we may serve with a greater sense of purpose and vision, above our secular roles;

For this we pray,

By: Tim Brooks, VP & CIO

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Prayer for Meeting – Open Mindedness and Diversity

Almighty God,

We ask for your guidance and direction as we come together to meet this morning.

Grant us the strength to manage the challenges ahead and the wisdom to identify these as opportunities as we strive to serve the members of the Saint Louis University community.

As we make decisions on behalf of the University, grant us the gift of an open mind, the willingness to learn, and the humility to accept the ideas of others.

Please help us to recognize diversity as a blessing and unity as our strength.      

By: Tim Brooks, VP & CIO

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