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Gracious and Merciful God

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Gracious and merciful God,

As I cry,
May my tears turn me to your greatness
May my sobs echo in my openness for you
Grant me not contentment with life’s difficulties,
But let my weeping drive me to a deeper acceptance of your eternal love

As I laugh,
May my giggles fall into rhythm with the beating of your heart
May my smiles wade wide and deep as your blessings,
Grant me not eternal bliss,
But let my joy be a reflection of your love for all creation

As I cry, remind me that my weeping will stop and I will smile again.
Keep me close and dry my tears with your love

As I laugh, let me share my happiness with all your creation
Let me use your love to dry the tears of those who cry

By: Corinne Char, Student

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Here I Am, Lord

Here I am, Lord, before you
just as I am at this moment.
I sit in your presence, Lord, in peace and tranquility.
I am in your presence and allow myself to be
directed by you. I open myself to you who are near.
You are the font of life, the force of life which permeates my very being.
You are my breath which maintains me in existence.
Let peace dwell within me.
Give me the grace to let myself be cleansed by you,
to be a shell filled only with you, my God.
Let all my thoughts and feelings, my will and liberty,
be totally directed to your honor and service.

Submitted by: Julie McCourt, Campus Ministry

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Encompass my Life


Encompass my life.
Let me breathe You in the air,
feel You in the wind,
taste You in my food,
and touch You in every action.

Finding You in all things is my greatest want and best help.

May I see You everywhere and in everyone, at all times,
and be reminded that You call out to me,
that You seek me,
and that You love me.

Fill me with Your unique and supreme grace.
Grant me the tools I require
to carry out Your will,
as well as the peace and courage
to live out the noble vocation to which I am called.

Bless me, Lord. Bless my family, bless my friends, bless my acquaintances, bless my enemies, and bless all those who need Your presence in their lives.

You are all goodness. Fill our world with the greatest energy that is Your love.


By: Katherine Colborn, student at Xavier University

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Chardin’s Experience in The Divine Mileau

All around us, to right and left, in front and behind, above and below, we have only to go a little beyond the frontier of sensible appearances in order to see the divine welling up and showing through. But it is not only close to us, in front of us, that the divine presence has revealed itself. It has sprung up universally, and we find ourselves so surrounded and transfixed by it, that there is no room left to fall down and adore it, even within ourselves.

By means of all created things, without exception, the divine assails us, penetrates us and moulds us. We imagined it as distant and inaccessible, whereas in fact we live steeped in its burning layers. In
eo vivimus. As Jacob said, awakening from his dream, the world, this palpable world, which we were wont to treat with the boredom and disrespect with which we habitually regard places with no sacred association for us, is in truth a holy place, and we did not know it.

Venite, adoremus (de Chardin, 1968).
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, The Divine Milieu: An Essay on the Interior Life. New York: Harper and Row, 1968:112.

Submitted by: M. A. Lavin, Saint Louis University School of Nursing

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Blessed to the Longing

Blessed to the longing that brought you here
and that quickens your soul with wonder.
May you have the courage to befriend your eternal longing.
May you enjoy the critical and creative companionship
of the question “Who am I?” and
may it brighten your longing.
May a secret Providence guide your thought and
shelter your feeling.
May your mind inhabit your life with the same sureness
with which your body belongs to the world.
May the sense of something absent enlarge your life.
May your soul be as free as the ever-new waves of the sea.
May you succumb to the danger of growth.
May you live in the neighborhood of wonder.
May you belong to love with the wildness of Dance.
May you know that you are ever embraced in the kind circle of God.
(author unknown)
Submitted by: Jeannine De Clue OP, Campus Ministry

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