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Billiken Emoji Sticker Pack

Love Saint Louis University? Can't get enough of the Billiken? Show off your SLU pride with the Billiken emoji sticker pack. Download it from the REE App, available in through Google Play or the App Store. 

Billiken Emoji

FAQ About the Billiken Emoji Sticker Pack

How do I get the sticker pack?

The Billiken emoji sticker pack is available through the Really Expressive Emoji (REE) app, available for free download through Google Play or the App Store. 

Once you've downloaded the app, follow the on screen instructions to enable the app. Navigate to "Pick Teams" and select Saint Louis University.

Is there a charge for the app or the sticker pack?

Both the REE app and the Billiken emoji sticker pack are free. 

What did it cost for SLU to develop the Billiken emoji sticker pack?

The Billiken emoji sticker pack was developed at no charge to the University by REE. 

What other universities use REE sticker packs?

Many top NCAA teams have sticker packs through the REE app, including Georgetown, Mizzou, Pitt, Purdue and the University of Florida. 

Where can I use the sticker pack?

The sticker pack can be used in message apps, as well as Facebook and email sent on your mobile device.

How was the emoji version of the Billiken developed?

REE's design for the Billiken was inspired by University logos and the Billiken mascot costume. REE's illustrators work for Disney, as well as DC and Marvel comics and create art in that style.

How were the current stickers picked?

SLU's Division of Marketing and Communications worked with Billiken Athletics, as well as SLU staff and students from admission and alumni engagement to select emotions for the first version of the sticker pack. A poll with finalist options was circulated among stakeholders in the spring of 2018, with the top votes determining the first sticker pack.

Will new stickers be added?

SLU continues to work with REE on developing new stickers. If you have a suggestion for a sticker, contact