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FAQ for Student Organizations Affected by COVID-19

What if I have an event scheduled sometime during the remainder of the spring semester?

In accordance with the University’s directives, guidelines from the CDC and the city of St. Louis, all student organization events are canceled for the next eight weeks (as of 3/15/20).

Some organizations may have individuals who wish to continue related activities (e.g., service in the community). Individuals who wish to continue with organization-related activities should do so with consideration for their health and the health of those with whom they interact.

Is my organization still able to meet?

We recognize the need for normalcy, and to feel a sense of community with others, and we know the work of organizations doesn’t end just because students are apart from one another.  As such, organizations are invited and encouraged to continue hosting meetings electronically via email, text message, phone, or online video conferencing (i.e. Zoom or Skype). 

Even if some organizations' members remain in close physical proximity to one another, we encourage you to move to electronic meetings to ensure equitable access for all organization members.

If my organization’s e-board, or general body remains in St. Louis, are we still prohibited from meeting in person? 

With the current directives from the CDC, the City of St. Louis, and the University, it wouldn’t be prudent for the University to encourage in-person gatherings for the sake of organization business.

Permitting some organizations to continue meeting could create inequality for those who are no longer local to the STL area, and also could result in some students feeling obligated to participate in “organizational business.”

Can I, as an individual SLU student, continue to engage in activities on my own, independent of my organization?

The University encourages members of our community to feel empowered to make their own personal decisions on their health, safety and well-being.  Pending that this is done within the guidelines and expectations of the CDC and our valued city partners, community members will continue to have agency in decisions about their own engagement. 

What if I am scheduled to travel with my organization?

The University has currently suspended all non-essential travel. If you believe your travel to be essential, please fill out this form for a possible exemption or clarification.

Note: with state and federal restrictions on travel continuing to evolve rapidly, very little travel is likely to be considered “essential” at this time.

Can my organization start planning ahead and submit requests for new events on SLU Groups?

The University is temporarily suspending approval of all events and programs until further notice. With most staff at the University expected to work off-campus, the campus is not able to support events and programs at this time.

What if my organization has an executed contract with an outside speaker, performer, venue, or other vendor?

We realize that contracts can be complicated and come with many clauses and fine print, especially in the case of cancellations. Please do not feel like you have to navigate this situation alone! For recommended language from SLU’s Office of General Counsel, or support for these tough conversations, please fill out this form to receive outreach from the Student Involvement Center staff.

Is my organization going to be fined or penalized for cancellation of a contract?

If your organization has used the Standard Services Agreement (which would apply to the majority of student events and activities), there is a clause which applies to this unique situation.  If you used an agreement from the vendor, the Student Involvement Center will put you in contact with General Counsel for review. Nearly all agreements have a cancellation clause which would apply in case of international pandemics. 

Do I need to cancel my event on SLU Groups or 25 Live?
In the next few days, members of the SIC and Event Services will be sending cancellation notices. You are welcome to cancel your reservations on your own as well.
What if my organization needs to make a deposit into our University fund?
These deposits are typically handled in person through the SIC. If you need to make a deposit, please fill out this form and select “Finances (Already Spent/Deposits Already Collected.)”
What are things we CAN do to remain connected and engaged with the SLU community?

SGA, the SIC, and other campus partners are working on creative ways to provide students the sense of community they need while also maintaining a healthy and safe environment for everyone.  If you have suggestions or want to pilot a program, submit them here.  

If individual students are looking to remain connected with the larger St. Louis community in a spirit of service, please complete a Service Interest Form, and a member of the Center for Service and Community Engagement will be in touch.  The CSCE is currently assessing needs of community partners that can be met virtually or with limited in-person contact.  For any questions, please email the CSCE at

CSO Specific Questions

My group had difficulty meeting the Monday, March 16th deadline for budgets and the Intent to Return form. What should my organization do?

We understand there may be some extenuating circumstances. If you are having difficulty meeting this deadline, please reach out to Alhan Sayyed at or Ella Dotson at .

Will my organization be penalized for not hosting events that were canceled due to COVID-19?

The Finance Committee will take into account any cancellations due to COVID-19 so FY21 budgets will not be penalized due to a lack of events occurring.

Will my CSO be reimbursed for personal funds that were spent on canceled events?

If a student has already spent personal funds for an event which is now canceled, they will be reimbursed (pending the expense was an approved budget item from FY20). Please submit these requests via the Student Reimbursement Form on SLU Groups.

 What will be the process for Annual Funding 2020?
 We are still trying to determine the best course of action for Annual Funding 2020. If it is possible to maintain our original schedule and utilize Zoom as our meeting platform, we hope to do so. As soon as a decision has been made, CSOs will be notified. Please continue to check your email for the most up-to-date information.
 How will Annual Funding Appeals work?
 We are still trying to determine the best course of action for Annual Funding Appeals 2020. As soon as a decision has been made, CSOs will be notified. Please continue to check your email for the most up-to-date information. 

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