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Submitting a Proposal

The Proposal Process

The research proposal development process can vary depending on your Saint Louis University department or school. However, the process can generally be broken down into four phases:

  • Proposal/Application Development
  • Review/Approvals
  • Submission
  • Award Notification

The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) reviews and approves all proposal submissions, as well as negotiates and accepts all research awards on behalf of the University.

Contact for more information or to connect with your grant manager and sponsored awards accountant.

Proposal Development Support

The OVPR offers proposal development services to help refine your approach and make your proposals more competitive. Schedule a meeting with a member of our team and we can consult on your proposal strategy, identify funders and collaborators and help you develop your proposal narrative. Contact Jasmin Patel at for help with your next proposal.

SLU Proposal Resource Library offers resources, example narratives, and reviewer feedback from successful applications from SLU and other institutions. If you have not visited the site previously, contact Mike Marcincowski at to gain access.

Proposal Review and Submission

We are here to help you throughout the proposal submission process – the earlier you contact us, the more we can help. In order to give your proposal a thorough review, we ask that faculty submit proposals to OVPR five days prior to the sponsor deadline to ensure time for review. All proposals need to be submitted through the eRS system to obtain institutional endorsement. If you have not used eRS and need help, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

Contact your grants manager or simply email

  1. Complete your application according to the Sponsor's instructions and guidelines.
    • Consult the list of Information Most Commonly Needed for required institutional information (DUNS Number, Tax Identification Number, etc.)
    • If your project includes a subcontract that will be issued to another organization, obtain and upload the scope of work, budget, budget justification and letter of intent to establish a consortium from the partnering organization.
  2. Obtain Institutional Approvals:
    • Login in to the eRS system, select your name in the upper right hand corner, and select "Create New Proposal".
    • Upload your application to the "Attachment Status" section of your Transmittal form.
    • Electronically sign and submit.
  3. Submit Proposal
    • The OVPR submits all grant proposals to and all other electronic proposals requiring institutional authorization.