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Student Mail Services

You’ll find your mail box and other mail services, including stamps, metered postage, priority mail, insured mail and delivery confirmation services, on the lower level of the Busch Student Center at Student Mail Services.

All United States Postal Service mail will be collected at 3 p.m., Monday - Friday. Outgoing express priority mail will only be accepted until 3 p.m., with no exceptions.

The entrance is located on the lower level, outside east entrance of the BSC by the Billiken Grill. Questions? Call 314-977-1128 or email

About Your Mailbox and Key

Understanding your Mailbox

  • All incoming freshman and transfer students living on campus will automatically be assigned a mailbox. Your MSC# (Mail Stop Code) is your post box number.
  • If you choose not to use your student mailbox, please notify Student Mail Services so we can reassign that mailbox to another student.
  • Your mailbox is activated and ready for use when you receive a key from Student Mail Services during the residence hall move-in process.
  • Students living off campus may rent a mailbox for $20 per semester.
  • Check your mailbox often. Your mailbox will be closed if you do not check or use the services provided within a three month time span.
  • If your mailbox is too full, we will send a reminder e-mail encouraging you to check it. If you do not empty your mailbox or otherwise respond, the mailbox will be reassigned.
  • In order to close your mailbox, please visit Student Mail Services. We do not offer change of address forms; this must be done online or at the local post office.

Key Policy

  • Your mailbox will be permanently closed when your key is returned to Student Mail Services.
  • Forwarding is only available during the summer months if a mailbox is permanently closed or if you will be living more than 50 miles away from SLU for the summer. You may change your address by filling out a form on the USPS website.
  • There is a $25 charge for lost keys.

Sending Mail and Packages


We accept cash, credit/debit cards or Billiken Bucks as payment for stamps/postage.

University departments may use our services by asking for payment through IDO. We do not accept departmental P-cards. For more information, contact Meagan Barbeau at 314-977-128 or

For more pricing information on boxes, flat rate packages and express rates, see the USPS website.

We carry “Forever” and domestic and international postage, but can meter postage for any other denomination. If you would like to have special stamps or denominations ordered for occasions or mailings, contact Meagan Barbeau at 314-977-128 or

Receiving Packages

Picking Up Packages
  • An email will be sent to your account notifying you of a package arrival.
  • You must have the location that is given in the email message, your MSC number and a picture ID in order to receive your package.
  • Express packages from UPS, FedEx or USPS Overnight mail services are delivered directly to the BSC. When these packages are tracked, you will see a signature indicating that they have been received by Student Mail Services.
  • UPS, FedEx, DHL and other deliveries are received at various times during the day; there is no set time for you to check on a delivery.
Delivery Process and Delivery Confirmation
  •  During the months of August, September and January, expect mail and package delivery to be delayed due to an increase in delivery activity.
  • USPS delivery confirmation "delivered St. Louis, 63103" confirms that a package has arrived at the St. Louis Post Office, NOT that it has been received by Student Mail Services.
  • Expect an estimated 24 to 48 hour delay from the time of USPS delivery confirmation until the package is received by Student Mail Services.
  • Packages confirmed as delivered on Friday through Sunday will take up to two business days to be delivered to Student Mail Services.
Pickup Time
  •  Perishable packages must be picked up within three days after the first notification; you will receive three notifications before the perishable package is destroyed or returned to sender.
  • Packages that are improperly addressed (no name, incomplete name, wrong MSC number, etc.) will be kept in a location with miscellaneous items for two weeks. After this time period, the packages will be returned to sender.
  • You will receive three notifications within one month to pick up packages. If items are not picked up, they will be returned to sender.
  • If letter mail is improperly addressed, it will be sent to the "Lookup Bin” for further research. If the address can't be found, the mail will be returned to sender.
Addressing Mail

Correctly addressing the envelope is the most important aspect of any mailing. To facilitate efficient sorting and processing, USPS recommends capital letters without punctuation and requires the use of standard abbreviations. Your mail should be addressed as follows:

Your Name
MSC# 1111 (your mailbox number)
20 N. Grand Blvd
Saint Louis, MO 63103

Students: Please notify all of your correspondents of your proper address. It should appear on all letters, packages and subscriptions (both newspaper and magazines).

Parents: When making a credit card or mail order purchase, please ensure that your child's name and MSC# appears in the mailing address. A common error is using the name of the credit holder in the mailing address.

More Tips:

  • Address mail by MSC# and NOT dorm address. Please see example above.
  • Do not mail any packages to yourself at Saint Louis University until one week before the start of the term.
  • Different spellings or nicknames are not recorded in our system. Anything unidentifiable by our system will be returned to sender, so be sure your family, friends and business contacts do not use nicknames in your address.